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Friday, May 4, 2012


By: Nadia Klystov

“Any, any, any . . .” I know that you immediately grasped what it’s going to be about! No one can escape the famous dictum by Dean Coyne on hearsay. I know it even though I haven’t taken Evidence with him – it is that powerful. You just cannot miss it if you’ve been a student at MSL. The hearsay definition will linger in our minds probably forever, and we are very grateful for that.

But there is much more than a hearsay definition in Dean Coyne’s audio course on Evidence, which I bought at the school Book Store and listened to during my Evidence class. This audio helped me understand some Evidence issues I found unclear, thanks to Dean Coyne’s talent of explaining difficult things in a simple and easily memorable manner. Now, I am turning back to it before I have to take the Evidence section of the Comparison course, and I am finding it very helpful in my preparation for the bar exam.

It is so time-saving and convenient to listen to a lecture while driving to and from work and school, to have someone tell you about all the essential rules of Evidence right in your car. And it really makes you memorize the law – for the class, for the bar and for your practice after law school; where evidence rules are indispensable for a lawyer. Sometimes you may miss something in class because of being preoccupied with taking notes, or because you had to miss a class, or because you came in late. An audio course ensures you don’t miss anything essential. It also allows you to go back and listen to something you forgot.
Evidence is not the only audio course Dean Coyne makes available. There is also one on Remedies, which many of us don’t have time to take, though this class is extremely useful. And Dean Coyne is not the only one to provide students with audio courses. I also have Dean Sullivan’s audio course on the essentials of the UCC, which worked great for me to listen to before and after I took her class.

Audio courses worked really well for me, and I am sure that they will benefit any other student.


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